AI Series
Knowledge Graph and Generative AI for Teaching and Learning
Power your school-based personalised learning with enterprise-grade educational technology.
Our platform embodies the next generation of adaptive learning by Knowledge Graph and Artificial intelligence generated content (AIGC) with school-based materials and models.
Adaptive and Generative technology Data-driven insights School-based integration
Knowledge Graph
Convert your Data to Knowledge
Our system employs a graph database to store your learning materials and data in a structured format comprising nodes, edges, and properties. This database establishes connections between data items through nodes and edges, representing relationships between them. By utilising this graph database, we effectively capture the interdependencies and learning journeys that exist between data (knowledge) and learners.
Learner Profiles
Deepen the understanding of individual learner with contextualised learning material
Student Knowledge Profiles
Student Knowledge Profiles facilitates the mapping of Knowledge System and a Data Graph that brings together the power of the real time data platform with the comprehensive set of learning records stored in data warehouses and lakes. This integration fosters a deeper understanding of individual learner, their affiliations with knowledge groups, and their interactions with learning goals.
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Generative AI
Enhance personalisation by reinforcement learning (RL) and predicting user learning journeys.
AI Predictions
Empower teachers to create precise and predictive learning interventions effortlessly, without relying on technical teams. Prompt timely learner journeys and personalised learning experiences based on students' overall performances in schools.
AI can automatically identify the most engaging questions and exercise types that capture students' attention.
Enhanced user profile
Leverage our proprietary corpus for K-12 education to develop your school-based data models.
By integrating with edxtore's text-corpus for K-12, we enable you to train your machine learning (ML) models with real-time, identity-resolved learning data. Seamlessly activate ML models across all your learners, ensuring quick and easy implementation.
Start building the Next-Generation of Smart-School with Generative AI for Education.
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