Applied Learning
Leadership and Team Collaboration Development System by SST
Provide students (trainees) a true-to-life simulated situation that fosters leadership training, teamwork, job training.
SST gets you to a new level of training!
Suitable for any circumstances to practicing a true-to-life simulated environment that fosters leadership training, teamwork, life skills training and job training.
Leadership training Teamwork Life skills training Job simulations Applied Learning
Teachers can simply build the content of a certain training, apply in SST to conduct a thorough scenario-based training from preparation, handling and evaluation perspective.
Scenario-based Simulation Training (SST)
SST is designed to mirror real-life scenarios for training purpose. It requires students (trainees) to apply their knowledge to react to situations encountered. SST is to best tool to conduct training within the safety net of simulation, thus allowing trainees to experiment, learn, and grow.
Realistic situation training
SST enables trainers to create real-life scenario based training, content can be very updated to match with current news / phenomenon.
Enhance 21CL skills
In the scenario training, there are enormous and continuous interaction between trainers - trainees / trainees - trainees, case studies, analyse, problem solving…etc. Thus, it helps students to foster their communication, collaboration creativity and critical thinking skills, it also develops leadership skills and teamwork by assigning different roles to trainees.
Ad-hoc tasks
There are built-in tools in SST for trainers to add ad-hoc challenges or raise/reduce the difficulty of the tasks by providing a detour or giving hints to the teams.
SST comes with the follow up report for debriefing / evaluation use, it will show the different performances of individual teams, trainers can easily locate the strengths and weaknesses of each team which is useful as formative feedback for improvement.
Safety concerns
Training is within the safety net of simulation, allowing students trainees to experiment, learn, and grow freely.
Easy to use
SST can simply kickstart with just two laptops, one in the trainer hand for control and the other for trainee. Trainers can also create training scenario in advance and load to the system.
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