Topical Class (HK)
Topical Class
Subject tutorial class|Internal assessment preparation class|Exam preparation class
#Exam skills training #Drilling #Answering technique #Scoring Tips #Confidence building #Improve exam performance #Exam Qs Analysis #Avoid common errors
Three types of topical class
Subject tutorial class
Targeted skills training|Concept application|Correct misconception|Choice for regular revision
Internal assessment preparation class
Internal assessment consolidation and drilling|Exam Tips|Choice for high-intensity drilling
Exam preparation class
Skills consolidation and revision|Exam Qs Analysis|Avoid common errors|Choice for regular revision
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1.The lesson will be delivered through Zoom, please log in the system 10 minutes before the lesson.
2.Please note: The quota is based on a first come first served basis, refund is not allowed after confirmation of payment.
3. 48 hours or before the lesson can request to transfer ( Free ); we do not accept lesson transfer within 48 hours before the lesson.
4.Please take a screenshot after successful payment.
5.Except for the official authorisation, the whole process of the lesson shall not be recorded. Each registration quota (including lessons and materials) is limited to one person only, the content must not be shared to others and the quota must not be transferred.
6.In the event of any dispute, edxtore will reserve the right to make the final decision, including suspending, changing or terminating the event and its terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.
7.After enrolment, the test paper (learning materials) and the Zoom link will be displayed in the button below the materials download button, answers will be assigned through the materials download button after the class.
8.For arrangement of underprivileged student, please contact us.