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About edxtore

致力以科技 協助學生更有效率學習
教育2.0: 疫情下的全新混合學習模式 (a.k.a. 按需要的教育即服務)
Education 2.0: The Hybrid Learning Ecosystem for the new-normal (a.k.a The Education-as-a-Service EaaS)

edxtore 是紮根香港的教育初創 (EdTech) 公司,團隊集創新科技、出版及教育界中,具越20年行業經驗和資歷的人士。

edxtore, an EdTech founded and rooted in Hong Kong, brings together talents who have over 20 years of industrial experience in the technology, publishing, or education sector.


As a newborn during COVID-19, our company provides an all-in-one post-pandemic O2O education platform, which blends innovative technology with conventional teaching. By supporting online, offline, and mixed modes of learning, we provide varying cost-effective and high-quality plans and resources to students, parents, tutors, schools, as well as training centres.


We have access to learning materials from the most authoritative publishers in Hong Kong and worldwide. We are the only start-up company in the city that boasts official licenses from the following publishers all at once:

  • 現代教育研究社 (Modern Educational Research Society Limited)
  • 牛津大學出版社 (Oxford University Press)
  • 卓思出版社 (Excellence Publication Company Limited)
  • GAPSK 普通話水平考試 (General Aptitude Putonghua Shuiping Kaoshi)
  • 的官方版權授權,首階段為學生提供香港學制中、英、數全方位小學課程及學習資源。

    At the primary stage, we will offer courses and learning materials suitable for the local primary school curriculum covering Chinese, English, and Mathematics.

    傳統學科學習外,我們亦希望把我們的科技知識教育新一代青年人,讓他們擁抱科技,一同創造未來,我們亦為中小學生提供 AR/VR 及亞馬遜雲科技(AWS) 機器學習(Machine Learning)方案。

    In addition to conventional subject knowledge, we aspire to pass our technological expertise on to future generations. We offer augmented reality (AR)/ virtual reality (VR) and Amazon Web Service (AWS) machine learning plans to primary and secondary school pupils.

    同時,edxtore 提供 SaaS (Software as a Service, 軟件即服務) 予所有培訓中心、中小微企業及斜槓族(Slasher),結合雲端及智能科技與權威出版社資源,讓企業即時提升數碼力,進行線上線融合升級轉型,助力香港成為未來數碼城市模範。

    In the meantime, edxtore provides Software as a Service (SaaS) to training centres, Micro-, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, and slashers. By combining cloud technology and smart technology with authoritative publisher resources, we enhance the digitality of enterprises, which allows enterprises to upgrade Online merge Offline and establishes Hong Kong as a role model for future smart cities.


    Our goal is to improve the efficiency of teaching, learning, and operations with the help of technology and to teach technology by the means of technology. We are committed to developing an education platform that brings convenience to parents and students, satisfies needs of different learners, and provides smarter amenities.