Install Zoom with edxtore lms


You can follow the following steps to connect Zoom with edxtore lms administrator or teacher account.

If you have edxtore lms account, you can click here to the integration page.

When Zoom integration was successfully enabled, you can list the active meetings on the dashboard.


You can follow the following steps to Disabling or Uninstalling the Zoom Integration.

  • Log in to your Zoom account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace.
  • Click Manage > Installed Apps and select the edxtore app.
  • Click Uninstall.
  • If data retention is not indicated as allowed, within 10 minutes of this request, edxtore lms will delete your Zoom code and the linkage data. This action cannot be undone.


Through this integration, edxtore lms users can create and schedule Zoom meetings together with the virtual lesson information on edxtore lms. Therefore, you dont need to take action in 2 platforms for your virtual lesson plannings.
In order to use Zoom on edxtore lms, you need to have
- A edxtore lms account
- A Zoom Account
- Activation Action (via the integration page.)

When you schedule a new lesson, you can select following option.
Once the option being selected, the system will validate your Zoom integration status. If the status is being linked,the appropriate Zoom meetings with your planned schedules will be created automatically.

For a paid Zoom account, you can setup the recoding setting on the Zoom integration dashboard.
Once the meeting is completed and recorded, you can download the recordings from Zoom, and you can use edxtore lms to upload and assign the videos to your students as other teaching material.


The Zoom default settings will be pre-defined with your organisation when the edxtore lms account is being setup. Due to the privacy control, you can setup the meeting can be recorded or not only. For the other settings, please check with the administrator from your organisation.

The edxtore lms can schedule records before your current time. You can record all your activities your made on the calendar. However, the Zoom links can not be generated if the scheduled time is earlier than your current time.